Girl Trip began two years ago out of a need to be seen, heard, and loved. Over a weekend with women we barely knew, we quickly discovered the healing power of vulnerability. God met each of us with unconditional love and we left that space feeling wholly restored and connected to one another.

From this experience came vision from the Lord and we began hosting women’s retreats centered on rest and receiving. At Girl Trip, we create a welcoming environment so women feel loved and honored. From serving nourishing food on a beautiful table to giving gifts, we aim to love tangibly and go beyond what’s expected.

Girl Trip has become a true refuge for women and the best is yet to come!




It is hard to deny the reality that our world is the loneliest it has ever been. Living in an over-connected, social-media obsessed society can leave us feeling empty as our craving for genuine relationship increases. Taking time to rest and reflect can feel impossible as the demands of everyday life overtake our deep need for Sabbath.


Our mission is to gather women to rest, create and grow in Jesus. Through each trip, we desire that women attending are given the space to be heard and seen by the Father. 

As each trip approaches, we invite the Spirit to lead and equip us in caring for each attendee, recognizing everyone comes with their own set of struggles, burdens, and needs. We desire that each woman walks away refreshed with a new sense of value and stability.


Our hearts fill with growing dreams of where we believe the Lord wants to take Girl Trip. We desire to raise funds needed for our team so that we can continue offering our trips to attendees at wholesale, and we envision sending women for free, lessening the burden of cost for those who are in financial need. In recently becoming a nonprofit we have the opportunity to expand our scope of operations beyond our quarterly trips. We are dreaming of ways we can provide gatherings, workshops, and classes that utilize our gifts and passions!

Join our Community

As Girl Trip continues to grow, we are more aware than ever that we are meant to live out our mission in community. We believe that life done in a community is essential to our growth! We hope that you would join us through this journey as we seek the Father’s heart for Girl Trip and where He wants to take us together. We invite you to consider becoming a donor, giving tangibly to the operations of Girl Trip and making it possible for us to continue our vision.




An Average Girl Trip ($4,650)


What Girl Trip Costs:

Lodging - We aim to rent large and comfortable homes for our retreats and this is the calculated average we plan to spend.

Food and Drink - Our team does all the cooking for Girl Trip with seasonal and organic ingredients! We have three meals a day and also provide snacks and dessert.

Creative Workshop - During our stay one of our team members will lead a creative workshop! Be it candle or soap making, floral arranging or calligraphy, this is the average for all of the supplies needed.

Decor - Flowers, candles, and yes, kleenex.

Paper Goods - Welcome packets and cards.



“My experience at Girl Trip was two years in the making. There had been seasons where community was scary for me and I felt my story was too painful to share. When I arrived at Girl Trip and began listening to the stories of the women around me, their vulnerability pulled me in and gave me a sense of immediate safety. Wrapped together in the Father’s arms, I saw the redemption in my own life as I was able to freely share and freely be myself. I felt myself let go and trust, believing that this space they had created was for my good, and it truly was! The leaders cultivated an environment that was not only comforting and whole, but also aesthetically calming and nurturing. I truly loved every moment. Every moment around the table, every moment with our arms around each other, every moment we wept and laughed and held and prayed. Every moment in silence and every moment in conversation. Every moment was beautiful. Every moment was a gift.” - Corinne Kupish

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Girl Trip, 4950 Sw Barbur Blvd A-5 Portland, OR 97239

Girl Trip is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in Portland, Oregon.