“Looking back at my time at Girl Trip; I left feeling refreshed in the spirit. I walked into Girl Trip not exactly knowing what to expect. Was I going to break down on my knees or was I going to keep my cool and take the time for granted? And honestly, neither of those things happened. But what happened is exactly what I needed. From the meals, to the sharing, to the quiet time, to the overflow of generosity and spirit led conversations; Girl Trip fed my soul. I believe my time there was a time to rest and observe how the Lord is working in all the ladies lives in very different ways. I tend to process things after they happen; always have been like that. Seeing as though its almost been two weeks since Girl Trip; I continue to talk about it as though I’m still there. It was exactly what I needed exactly at this point in my life. I am at a really beautiful season of life right now; I am about to be a mom for the first time and my floral business is taking off how I dreamt it would; and Girl Trip was a way to be cheered on and lifted up in the good seasons and the bad seasons. And with that; I felt a huge presence of passion filling my veins. There is something about leaving the realities of the world for a couple of days and being truly fed in the spirit with a lot of Bad A$$ women! I left with new sisters in Christ and a new sense of rest in community. I would recommend Girl Trip to anyone and I am dying to see these new sisters of mine again; but until then I have these memories until we meet again! 

Thanks Girl Trip. One thing I said during prayer to y’all is; you’re doing something great. Keep it up.”

-Alison Wiebe


“My experience at Girl Trip was two years in the making. There had been seasons where community was scary for me and I felt my story was too painful to share. When I arrived at Girl Trip and began listening to the stories of the women around me, their vulnerability pulled me in and gave me a sense of immediate safety. Wrapped together in the Father’s arms, I saw the redemption in my own life as I was able to freely share and freely be myself. I felt myself let go and trust, believing that this space they had created was for my good, and it truly was! The leaders cultivated an environment that was not only comforting and whole, but also aesthetically calming and nurturing. I truly loved every moment. Every moment around the table, every moment with our arms around each other, every moment we wept and laughed and held and prayed. Every moment in silence and every moment in conversation. Every moment was beautiful. Every moment was a gift.”

- Corinne Kupish


"The thought, prayers and time that is put into each Girl Trip is so astounding. These women pour everything into this weekend to cultivate community, bring about rest and play - things that we so quickly forget about in our day to day. The weekend felt like such a gift - I walked away feeling so refreshed, inspired, known, seen and loved. If I could send all of my friends to Girl Trip, I would - it’s food for the soul."

- Cody Paton



"I am at a loss for words to really capture how wonderful it was to be a part of Girl Trip :) Such wonderful space was created for inner and outer healing, as well as the space to know others and be known by others, and by ourselves. I felt so taken care of and had so many beautiful connections within myself that helped me reconnect with God."

- Kiki Carlstrom


"When I stop to think about Girl Trip and the impact it had on my heart, I am truly at a loss for words in the best way. The intentional time I was able to take away from the busyness of life and routine was more necessary than I could have known. As soon as I stepped foot in the house, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy at the thought of relaxing there for three days. Taking that time to soak up the sun and connect with women who I hadn't met as well as fostering relationships with girls I have known forever. It was the most incredible three days and Jesus truly spoke to each of our hearts so clearly. As the photographer for Girl Trip, it's an absolute honor to come alongside some of my closest friends to witness and capture these experiences. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store and where He takes this dream."

- Madeline Metcalf


"I spent the last three days in Joshua Tree alongside amazing, creative, Godly and humble world changers! In the middle of a dry desert we experienced the refreshment of living water that can only come from the Holy Spirit's presence. Words of life and truth were spoken over every girl, and healing for several women started on day one! There wasn't a dry eye by the end of the trip and it's clear that none of us were there by chance.  I feel encouraged, uplifted and motivated to be all that God has created me to be.”

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” - Isaiah 43:19

- Julia Green


"Girl trip reminded me of the Fathers love. I am seen and I am known. He reminded me through His sweet presence and through the incredible woman on the trip. I left with new sisters and a full heart."

- Stephanie Wright